Our Heritage

If we had to sum up our heritage in three words, none would be more appropriate than ‘Excellence through Innovation’


Our story began in the small town of Lurgan in Northern Ireland where Linen Trade was already booming at the time. It was here that William Frederick Burgoyne setup his first linen mill with the vision to produce the finest linen the world had ever seen. His commitment to excellence and his vision of unparalleled craftsmanship started a legacy that has existed for more than century and continues to grow even today.


Within two short years, WFB Baird & Company was thriving as a loomstate weaver of linen cambrics and sheers for the handkerchief trade primarily for the US market. The same year, World War 1 shook the world and the company started producing linen canvas for the army and fabrics for parachutes.


Half a century after William F. Burgoyne lay the foundations of the Burgoyne dynasty, his grandson, Frederick William Burgoyne Baird took reigns of the company. By now the linen trade in Ireland had begun to decline and FWB Baird was faced with the challenge of defining a new direction for the company. Rising to the occasion FWB Baird, along with a young Armani in Italy and Hamilton Adams in New York, entered fashion trade with Linen Shirts & Blouses.


Having steered the company through some tough times and eventually solidifying its foothold in the linen trade, FWB Baird retired from the company in 1988, leaving his two sons Hugh and James Baird in-charge of the company. Under Hugh and James, WFB Baird & Co. witnessed another positive transformation. With a foresight that is the hallmark of the Burgoyne name, they identified the need to diversify into coloured fabrics. They partnered with Peter McNutt and setup the brand Baird McNutt.


Over the past century we have been honoured by supplying our fabric to many of the world's top fashion houses - including Giorgio Armani in 1989. Our focus on unrivalled quality and design makes our fabric truly special.


What had been nothing more than a vision 80 years ago, was now accomplished. Burgoyne linen was being supplied to the biggest fashion houses including Giorgio Armani. From the bed sheets of the Savoy Hotel, London to the linen shirts of Ralph Lauren, Baird McNutt was everywhere.


The Irish Company came to India in 2005 and set up its first plant in Cochin, "Special Economic Zone".


The company started supplying fabric to domestic apparel brands of India. The first few names to be associated with us were Arvind and Blackberry.


The Irish company came to India in 2005 and by 2009 was supplying fabric to the biggest names in domestic apparel industry of India including Arvind Mills and Blackberry. In 2010, the first store was launched in Gold Souk Mall, Kochi.


Taking over from his father, Joshua Baird Burgoyne envisioned a new retail division for Burgoyne, ‘Burgoyne Ireland’. Burgoyne Ireland started with readymade shirts for men and has gradually expanded to women’s wear.


Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, Joshua has positioned innovation at the heart of his vision for the future. Owing to this, in 2016, Burgoyne launched SuperWhites. It is the whitest linen fabric available in the market today. Superwhites fabric retains its whiteness even after 20 washes making it a benchmark for the linen industry.


Rahul Khanna became the face of Burgoyne
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